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Project CARES for You

Creating Awareness of Resources in Electronic Safety

What we're all about

I started Project CARES for You in an attempt to educate parents, teachers, guardians, and all other persons charged with the care, welfare, and safety of children in my community of South Hampton Roads, Virginia. On this website, I provide reliable information I've gathered to assist in the protection of children from unsafe usage of electronic devices. I also give guidance to parents in the detection and awareness of behaviors associated with one's mental health and how it contributes to the isolation of children and the potential abuse of electronic devices. 


Information Pamphlets for You


Child Electronic Safety

This is our pamphlet on Child safety when utilizing the internet. I recommend taking a look at this if you are a parent or guardian and would like a basic foundation on how and why electronic safety is fundamental in children's lives.


Mental Health

This is our pamphlet on Mental Health. While we are not doctors nor claim to be experts on medical treatment, this brochure has helpful tips and reliable information from well-known institutions that can be necessary in helping others understand their mental health is more important than they realized and how to begin mental health therapy.


Southside Hampton Roads Child Development

Programs for your children to help build communication skills and promote mental and emotional development.


Chesapeake CARES

This Pamphlet discusses the City of Chesapeake and reliable resources in the area concerning child internet safety.


Virginia Beach CARES

This pamphlet discusses the City of Virginia Beach and the helpful resources in the city concerning child internet safety.


Norfolk CARES

This pamphlet discusses the resources in the City of Norfolk and where you can find them.

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