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Welcome to the project! Growing up, I have always remembered being able to go outside and ride my bike with my friends, chasing the ice cream truck, and hanging out. I feel that, as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, children all over the world are losing out on the experiences I had when I was growing up. I created this project to help create awareness about mental health and how it is affecting us and those of the younger generations. Particularly, how electronic use can inhibit certain physical and mental activities along with the importance of being safe when using the internet.


I have always liked having passion projects and this is one I felt I could really get behind and help bring awareness back to the community so others can join me in helping children to be more safe and secure when using the internet. As someone who uses the internet on a daily basis, I too know the dangers that can come with the internet and want to ensure that children are being given proper care and monitoring when utilizing the internet across all devices. Project CARES is a true passion of mine that I believe can be used to inspire others to become the best version of themselves and to help others do the same. This site is an honest and true platform about where you can find good, and reliable information regarding child safety on the internet. I hope you enjoy my site and all the information I find and offer. Take a look around and see what information you like and maybe chat with others about how you feel regarding the information. We are all friends here and we all want the best for children and the future generations to come. 

As technology is ever-evolving, we too must evolve with the ways we interact with it so we can keep not only ourselves, but those we care about safe from outside sources that may hinder them in different ways. On my website you will find pamphlets that I have made with information used from reliable sources such as The Mayo Clinic and the American Psychology Association (APA). Some things I talk about on these pamphlets are how you can monitor your child's internet activity and what they are using the internet for, how social media is affecting them, the common signs of poor mental health, how to seek help through therapy, the different kinds of therapies to consider, and how good communication can be helpful when going through hardships and struggles in our everyday lives.

In my blogs I may touch on certain sensitive topics that are better suited for a parent or guardian to address with their child. Therefore, my blogs and pamphlets are not intended for anyone under the age of 18, however this is the age group that I want my information to help protect. Consider checking "What we're all about" on the home page for a concise description of our main goal.

The Full Story

Our Mission

Project CARES for You is committed to protecting children on the internet in the community of South Hampton Roads, Virginia by providing information on resources to parents, teachers, guardians, and all others charged with the care, welfare, and safety of children. 

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