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The Value of Communication:


Growing up, I always felt that I could tell my parents anything, even more so my grandparents. I remember all the times I would cook delicious meals with my grandmother and watch television with my grandfather. Having grandparents that I can confide in is a blessing. The problems children face in their lives are not what will shape them but how they react and work to find solutions. Children learn the basics from the parents such as manners, how to build healthy routines, when to start and when to finish your day. Grandparents teach children the importance of love, kindness, and help to impart wisdom. Knowledge can come to us in many different shapes and forms and this blog is going to focus on the value of communication.

According to Senior Healthcare Team, "Grandparents fill an irreplaceable role in a child’s development: Pillars of wisdom and sources of support, they possess a unique understanding of a family’s history and traditions. They love their grandchildren with unconditional affection that matches that of a child’s own parents, and though some families are separated by distance or circumstance, being able to connect with a grandchild frequently fosters a relationship that can influence a child to define values, flourish in self-confidence and strengthen the bonds of family." Different from parents, grandparents help children to understand themselves and their personal values. I remember visiting my grandparents every weekend. We would cook delicious meals and play many games. My memories with my grandparents are as vivid as if they were yesterday. The values that my grandparents taught me cannot be explained in words. I learned that love conquers all through my grandmother and her wisdom has given me a foundation to build my own self-reliance and trust in myself.

Grandparents hold a special place in a child's heart. They help to bring laughter, joy, and morality into a child's life. As stated by Senior Healthcare Team, "Though distance may separate some families from frequent in-person interaction, technology allows grandparents to remain a highly connected part of grandchildren’s lives. Social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter allow for the sharing of images, messages, or life events, and programs like Skype or Zoom let families interact face-to-face. Even traditional forms of communication can be a great way to stay in touch: postcards or snail-mail letters are a way to send thoughtful notes and messages on a more leisurely basis. Now more than ever, grandparents can remain an influential part of a grandchild’s life regardless of distance.

The positive influence that grandparents can have on their grandchildren’s development is profound. By offering love and guidance, imparting wisdom, passing on traditions, and making memories, grandparents can leave behind a legacy that their grandchildren will value for the rest of their lives. Technology gives families the opportunity to remain connected from all over the world, allowing the bonds between family members to stay strong."

I want you to read that last sentence again. "Technology gives families the opportunity to remain connected from all over the world, allowing the bonds between family members to stay strong." The idea that no matter where your family goes you can always contact them is extraordinary! Technology has changed how we communicate with one another and that change has resulted in the loss of some maturing elements that come with face-to-face communication. The value of communication is much more relevant than ever. The world shutdown recently and technology became the best way for us all to communicate. Although we have since returned to how things were before the pandemic our use of technology has forever changed how we think and even feel.

The importance of being present in our lives is not only growing but it is becoming harder to do as we put more of a reliance on the internet for communications. I want you to understand that while your child or grandchild thinks that sending a text message from the room upstairs or calling over the phone from across the house is a normal thing, it is hindering their social skills. These social skills are necessary for children to be able to think on their own and include logical reasoning in their choices. The reason I wanted to focus this discussion on grandparents is that they tend to hold a special place in a child's heart. Grandparents provide unconditional love, show acceptance, and sometimes it can be easier for a child to communicate with a grandparent about issues involving the child's internet usage and online relationships. This is why I believe it is important for grandparents to feel comfortable in asking a grandchild about their internet usage and how the child practices safety on the internet because the internet is a place full of decisions and if these decisions are made poorly then mistakes can and will be made.

Grandparents are necessary in a child's life and essential in helping a child to feel empowered. Senior Healthcare Team says that "As a member of the family, the love that grandparents feel for their grandchildren is especially strong, amplified by the love they bear for their own children. The relationship is one of blood and history, and grandparents are part of the formation and maintenance of the traditions that define a family. They possess memories that later generations can understand only through stories, and insights into culture and heritage that serve as a legacy for children and grandchildren alike. Relationships with a grandparent can help a grandchild understand the significance of his or her past and put stories to members of the family tree that might otherwise have been only names or yellowed photographs."

I hope that this information is helpful and insightful for you. Consider checking out the link below to read more on the importance of grandparents in a child's life.

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