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Safety on gaming consoles

I believe safety should be at the forefront of all internet devices, including gaming devices. Although communication can and may be different between others on these devices, as opposed to phones, they could still have a negative effect on a child's well-being. In this blog, I am going to talk about the main consoles that your child could be using such as a Playstation or an Xbox.


Playstation has a wide variety of ways you can be certain your child is able to have fun and not have any negative interactions with others on their console. The main way you can help protect your child from things such as hate speech, cyberbullying, and other forms of harassment is by setting up parental restrictions on your child's account. Playstation offers many different account preference settings so you can feel secure and safe in the games your child plays on this console. Here are some helpful links to learn more.


Xbox, just like Playstation, has many ways you can customize your child's safety while using their console. They have a range of preferences that you can choose from that limit how your child can or cannot interact with other players. This is a great tool for keeping your child safe from online harassment in the first place. While Xbox offers many other ways to construct the perfect environment for your child, they also offer many ways you can limit and restrict who they interact with for further safety. For more information on how you can control these settings consider checking out the links below.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a widely known family friendly gaming device. The Switch also has parental control settings that are easily accessible to the parent at any given time. It also has the use of a "parental PIN" which gives you more control when it comes to accessing games at any given time. For more information on how the Switch uses parental controls visit the link below.

Safety on gaming consoles is easy and reliable for parents. There are many different preferences that you can choose from and there are more than what I have talked about in this post. Please take a look at the links provided and do some of your own research on how you can ensure your child can game safely and positively.

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